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Pirate Spirit has evolved over the years. Since sometime in the 2000’s it was a personal blog. At times it has sat empty while I pondered with it what to do? About 6 – 7 years ago it was almost going to be a shop, and now here it finally is.

I enjoy crafting, sewing, and making cool unique pieces for myself. Turns out that sometimes other people think these pieces are awesome and want some too. Here is a place where I hope you can find something that suits your style and is a bit one of a kind, like yourself.

Most of the reason these items have come about is because I have really enjoyed making them and needed to lose myself in the process of creating them. I wanted to make all of these items but I don’t need them all.

If there is something in particular you want and you can’t see it here feel free to drop me a line. I’m open to requests and my motto in life is the worst someone can say to you is no, and it never really leaves you worse off than you were so you might as well ask.