Another ship sailing the vast www seas!

Pirate Spirit has evolved over the years. Over the last 20 years it has been a personal blog, it’s been a collective for other sites, and at times it has sat empty while I pondered what to do with it?

Now it’s a place to share the crafts I enjoy making. The travelling ship whose cargo is made up of accessories full of sparkles and fun prints. Items that can be a part of your costumes or daily outfits.

Most items aboard have come about because I wanted to make something for myself. Turns out sometimes others also like the things you make for yourself.

Think of this ship as a bit like the magic far away tree. Things may come and go, but there should always be something that catches your eye! If there is a special land that you think this ship should sail to please drop me line at hello@piratespirit.net.


Pirate Spirit was inspired through my desire to use all of my scraps of material. I started making ears and scrunchies as a way to give purpose to left over materials from other projects. One of the issues that can arise from sewing is the leftovers. The reason that designs are listed as limited is that the stock available is what I have crafted from these remnants. There is no guarantee that there will be more ever available. Quantities vary and designs, items, and styles are likely to constantly be changing. If you have any question, please feel free to contact me.


For many years I’ve sailed the vast www seas. What does PIRATE SPIRIT mean to me? It’s been my trusty ship for all these years. It’s been a place for me to rant and rave and now a place for me to sell some wares. Items that will hopefully brighten your life and help me top up the travel funds to take me on the big round the world adventure I have been longing for.

Unfortunately 2020 hit like the Titanic into an iceberg. I had just finished booking the start of my huge adventures that I have been waiting to embark on since I was a littlun. I had been making clip on ears and after some interest in them – decided that it was the time to launch a shop. Finally this domain which I had been trying to work out what to do with had a purpose. Another business to add to my belt (please see Girl With Pink Hair if you want more info on my other projects.) Then with COVID digging it’s heels in and mandatory mask wearing becoming a Melbourne thing, this project started to grow. After sharing posts of masks I was making for myself on socials the messages asking if I would make masks for others started to flood in.

So this ship is only sailing because of you. I thank you from the bottom of the seas for even coming and checking out my booty! There are so many amazing creators out there in this vast ocean and that you came ashore my ship for a moment makes me happy.

Travel safe me hearties! Stay afloat!


Nat Rowe - Captain Gnattus | PIRATE SPIRIT